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Hakol Mishamayim Full Album Download

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Hakol mishamayim is a message for all of us to remember and internalize every moment of our lives. Although it may be hard to see or understand sometimes, we must not forget that Hashem loves us unconditionally, He runs the world, and He has our back always, no matter what.

16 reviews for Hakol Mishamayim Full Album Download

  1. silby

    wow grt job we cnt thnk you enough for the best jewish music

  2. silby

    wow grt job we cnt thnk you enough for the best jewish music3

  3. donald trump


  4. meir

    luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Asher Kasnett

    Really enjoy your music ????


    WOW!!!! Iv been listening to your CD for nonstop since it came out!!!
    Your CD is the latest “hock” in the neighborhood. (one of my neighbors even came to show me the CD)
    KEEP IT UP!!!



  8. Sarah Schaffer

    Amazing work! Keep releasing new music!

  9. Dovid

    Dear Mordechai Shapiro,
    Your music is always so inspiring, and I find all of your songs amazing. I love how you’re courageously versatile in the genres which you base your songs off of, and the great variety you always offer (like Smile, Hashem Melech, Ein Anachnu, and Tefillah especially). It’s equally, if not more amazing how you really incorporate a message into pretty much every one of your songs (Kol Haderech is probably my favorite one). The blend of Hebrew and English in your lyrics, whether only one of them or both, enhances them further. The english bridges in hebrew songs as well really tie the message together in those songs. Hashem has really granted you an amazing gift of a voice and an amazing creative mind, and so I hope that you keep using your musicality to bring more joy and inspiration to the world. My only request is that you try to stay unplugged as much as possible, like in K’dei Lihodos, which was able to hold its own with basically just violins and still was very powerful.

  10. Katz

    Thank you so much your music just makes me in a good mood!!!!
    Sometimes I get to work in one of these down moods and I just turn on Hakol Mishamayim and it gives me this energy boost. Thank you!!! For your next album Iyh can you do like a Yiddish English song instead of hebrew English? It has a certain chein and purity… thanks????????????have loads of mazel and hatzlacha!!!!!

  11. Cs

    GREAT MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKES ME HAPPY!!!!!!!

  12. Avromi Schiff

    Mordy your music ROCKS!!!

  13. Esther Meyerson

    Thanks SOOOO much the music makes me happy when I am sad

  14. avraham bronstein

    amazing music love it

  15. Noam Alber

    My favorite album. -BY FAR.

  16. Toby (verified owner)

    THIS IS EPIC!!!!!!
    Thank You!

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